Otres Art Studio is a place designed to provoke imagination and creativity. It accumulates stores and displays inspiration from and for anyone passing through.

Otres Art Studio offers the opportunity to observe the creation process live and follow up daily, this experience gives the viewer some insight into the mind of an artist at work, which is very exciting and thought provoking. The setting is very relaxed, stay as long as you like, and create at your own pace. Advice and materials are provided.

The architect behind the construction, vision & concept of Otres Art studio is Anastasia Dumarey. She immersed herself in the building process, lived on the construction site and guided the full progress, a life altering and humbling experience as she refers to it herself. Starting with a low budget and a big dream, she was forced into inventive design. Recycled materials combined with local construction techniques and western design standards resulted in a very unique outcome.

The choice of materials, wood & bamboo in contrast with white walls & raw cement, give a warm yet modern feel. The minimal palette and open spaces allow for nature to infiltrate and artwork to stand out beautifully. Throughout the day a magnificent dance of light and shadows vividly possess the building.

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